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Website accessibility “Aloki Jewelry”

Aloki Jewelry fulfills the requirements of the law to provide an accessible, equitable, respectful and professional service. The company works to promote the issue of accessibility as defined in the accessibility law and considers its customers with disabilities equal rights, who are entitled to enjoy full access to the company’s services.

We invest efforts in the company to improve the accessibility of the service it provides to its customers. The purpose of this page on the website is to inform the society of the company.

  On the site, the following accessibility methods are available: Adaptation to browsers – the site is not compatible with browsers. Browsing is recommended in the Chrome browser. Clicking on the menu allows you to open the buttons. After selecting a topic in the menu, wait until the page is loaded.

The following is a description of some of the operations carried out in the framework of the access to the site and Ramat Gan branch.

Menu Accessibility:

The Point

Select color

Bottom line for links

Gray color for photos

Reverse colors

Remove animations

Reset settings

Accessibility branch Ramat Gan

Shiloh: Yes

Elevator: Available

Accessible Furniture: Available

Accessible Access: Available

Can be entered with service animals

Inquiries on Accessibility:

For suggestions for improvements and/or requests for improvements, you can contact us by phone at “+972543456256” or by email at “” Or you can visit us at “3 zisman shalom, ramat gan, 52520”.

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